Lighting equipment for exteriors and interior


An Italian company

Gmax is an Italian company which, since over 7 years, proposes a range of indoor and outdoor lighting fixtures especially for industry and service applications.


The experience gained has enabled us to develop, with creativity, commitment and continuous improvement of production processes, devices suitable to be adapted to different contexts and applications, in keeping with market trends and in compliance with EU and international regulations.

The Gmax research and development center cooperates with industry leaders in lighting technology research. It is structured so that can develop new series products and at the same time satisfy the various designers with completely on demand models based on market research, thanks to our experienced engineers who work closely with the production at our headquarters of Assago, in Milan.

With the help of highly professional consulting , all Italian, with constant investments in research and development, from electronic to optical, we have optimized the performance of our existintg products and developed the engineering of new lighting equipment particularly performing, that meets requirements of safety, efficiency, energu saving and high quality.


Gmax Italy produce its products in Assago factory, in the Milan’s industial area, the world capital of design, which positively influence the artistic creation of the lighting equipment. Engineers and technicians design, with the help of specific software, each component of the product and test its quality. Specialized workers produce and assemble with the guarantee of “Made in Italy”, sthat is recognized as mark of quality and reliability all over the world.


A team of lighting specialists is always available to assist with lighting calculations and 3D photorealistic rendering in order to predict in the best way the final effect of the installation.



Milan – Italy – Offices and Production

New York – USA – Offices and Sales Network

Hong Kong – HK – Offices

Abu Dhabi – United Arab Emirate – Offices and Sales Network

Gmax ME is responsible for the sales and marketing in the below countries:

  • United Arab Emirates
  • Oman
  • Kuwait
  • Saudi Arabia
  • Bahrain

Bogotà – Colombia – Offices and Sales Network

Plojesti – Romania – Offices and Sales Network